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Drain Cleaning


Clogged Main Drain Line? Stopped-up Sewer Main? Call the drain clearing experts at Drain King Plumbing!

Whether it’s roots in the sewer line, flushed objects, or broken drain lines, our experienced technicians are ready to handle it for you. We don’t just clear the stoppage; we also implement measures to prevent future occurrences. Plus, there’s NEVER an extra charge on weekends during regular business hours!


Do you have a clog that just won’t clear, no matter what you try? Have caustic cleaners and plumbing snakes failed to solve the problem? Our drain clearing specialists are equipped to handle any clog, ensuring your drains and sewer pipes are free of obstructions.

THE DRAIN KING – Palm Beach & Broward Counties, Florida

If you notice that your blockage persists even after clearing the drain, consider consulting a specialist at Drain King Plumbing for a thorough inspection and cleaning of your plumbing system.

One very effective method they use is a video camera inspection. By inserting a camera attached to a flexible rod into the pipes and sewer lines, technicians can accurately assess the condition and pinpoint the cause of any blockages or leaks. Following this detailed video inspection, a Drain King Plumbing technician will help you find a solution that is permanent in order to prevent future blockages and other issues.










Clearing services are included, with additional fees for cleaning. The sewer must have an easily accessible ground clean-out. We use up to 75 feet of cable for main drains and up to 25 feet for smaller drains. Please note, not all drain lines can be cleared due to factors such as roots, broken pipes, shifted pipes, and the materials within the pipes. We may decline service for faulty drains or those with recurring issues. This offer is available only to single-family residences and residential customers, excluding rental, landlord-tenant properties, commercial properties, and managed commercial properties. It is valid only within our 24/7 tri-county service area, with after-hours service charges applicable. If a technician requires a camera inspection, it must be completed during regular business hours within 24 hours of clearing the blockage. Additional restrictions and exclusions may apply, so please call for further details.